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Every product leaving our workshop is of high quality and designed to last. So, isn’t it nice to hand down a toy throughout generations and imagine that your grandchildren will play with the same shape box or doll’s bed you already played with? Or your grown child is still using a small cupboard he already had as a small child, only now for a different purpose? 

We take care that all corners are rounded and that there are no rough spots. All items have their own story of design and origin and nothing is mass produced. Our philosophy is to keep quality over quantity and we are proud of our precise workmanship. We love what we do!

How it began:

When I decided to learn cabinet making, my intention was to design and build nice furniture. After my German examination as a journeyman cabinet maker, I worked in my trade for quite a while. But sometimes life has a different plan for you, and it was not until 2011, when my love of Canada brought me to the Okanagan Valley, that I decided to start a small business where I now design and produce my own wooden toys and small furniture. 
Seeing kids play and try my products at the Farmer’s Markets brings a smile to my face and I’m happy to share my passion with others. Also, as a mother I think it is more important than ever to help our children develop as many skills as possible. With my toys I want to give future generations the chance for imaginative play, challenge their abilities and offer good, lasting memories of a protected childhood.



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